Art Galleries at The Huntington

01_2015-04-02 14.04.17_lr

The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens is a Southern California research and education institution. It was Spring Break, so the kiddies and I decided to check out the three art galleries of The Huntington Grounds: the Huntington Art Gallery, the Virginia Steele Scott Galleries and the Boone Gallery.

Here are some of the artwork we admired today:

02_2015-04-02 14.21.53_lr03_2015-04-02 14.22.44_lr

The Scott Galleries displays one of the largest collections of California of American art from the colonial period through the mid- 20th century, including the works of Andy Warhol, Frank Lloyd Wright and Mary Cassatt, just to name a few.

04_2015-04-02 14.28.43_lr05_2015-04-02 14.28.53_lr06_2015-04-02 14.26.24_lr

“Blue Boy” by Thomas Gainsboroug and “Pinkie” by Thomas Lawrence are examples of the well known artwork displayed in the Huntington Art Gallery’s collections of 18th-century British art.

07_2015-04-02 14.42.34_lr08_2015-04-02 14.46.04_lr

We visited The Huntington’s Rose Garden and Herb Garden after our gallery visits. The beauty were well worth the walk through.

09_2015-04-02 14.59.05_lr10_2015-04-02 15.59.43_lr11_2015-04-02 15.01.01_lr12_2015-04-02 16.01.33_lr13_2015-04-02 16.02.13_lr14_2015-04-02 16.06.11_lr


The Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens
1151 Oxford Road
San Marino, CA 91108
(626) 405-2100

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