Topanga State Beach

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Topanga State Beach is a gathering spot for locals who enjoy swimming, surfing & fishing. There are daytime lifeguards & public showers between the parking lot thruway to the shore.

News of low tide in the forecast? People don’t usually come to this beach to enjoy the above-mentioned activities. However, Topanga State Beach becomes the less-touristy tide pool venue the locals frequent during low tide.

Here’s what we observed on this August summer day.

02_2015-08-14 15.59.20_lr

03_2015-08-14 13.49.32_lr04_2015-08-14 14.02.13_lr05_2015-08-14 16.06.37crop_lr06_2015-08-14 14.00.38_crop_lr07_2015-08-14 16.00.19_lr08_2015-08-14 14.02.03_lr

Check it out when you can. Just remember to gently put the sea creatures back in the ocean before you leave.


Topanga State Beach
18700 Pacific Coast Highway
Malibu, CA 90265
(310) 305-9546

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