Beverly Gardens Park

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Ever commuted to/from work during a typical Los Angeles work day? How about during the evenings, when you’re supposed to meet friends for Happy Hour across town? Or how about during the weekend, when you’re with your family and they want to go home immediately after an all-day event, but you can’t because there’s that twice-a-month Art Show going on, or there is an event at the Wallis, or Farmer’s Market at the Beverly Hills Civic Center?

Yes, you’re stuck in traffic, between the Bermuda Triangle segment of the City’s Santa Monica Boulevard, in the areas of: Westwood/Beverly Hills/West Hollywood.

You’ll find yourself cursing at the snail’s pace flow of traffic. This helpless, or should I say maddening, stressful feeling of despair, because the usual 20 turned 50 minutes to travel 7 miles, is what is causing you to be late for (fill in the blank). How does one endure this perpetual madness that is Los Angeles traffic?

Take a deep breath, relax and inadvertently learn to admire the sculptural public art works that adorn the landscape of Beverly Gardens Park.

Check out the juxtaposition of the landscape art with nature:

02_2015-12-13 14.05.49_lr.jpg03_2015-12-13 14.04.15_crop_lr.jpg04_2015-12-13 14.14.29_lr05_2015-12-13 14.14.55_crop_lr.jpg

You may just want to park your car and enjoy the view. Who knows, you may unintentionally become invited to join a community-sponsored holiday party by the organization that raises public awareness of the ongoing restorative efforts dedicated to this place.

06_2015-12-13 14.07.11_lr07_2015-12-13 13.49.16_lr08_2015-12-13 13.50.07_lr

Did I mention that during this party, my family and I were treated to homemade apple cider, hot cocoa, decorate-your-own cookies and a meet and greet with Santa Claus?

09_2015-12-13 13.59.38_lr


Beverly Gardens Park
Santa Monica Boulevard (between Rodeo and Crescent Drives)
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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