The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

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The “Wizarding World of Harry Potter” at Universal Studios Hollywood is scheduled to open to the public on April 7, 2016. Local folks, however, know that Universal has been conducting practice runs for its staff before this portion of the amusement park officially opens in order to work out any kinks and minor glitches.

Guess who took the opportunity to check out Hogsmeade Village this past weekend?

Universal did not disappoint with the details. Check out the architecture!

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Universal even had a train station. Note: you won’t see Platform 9-3/4. I was told that Platform 9-3/4 is in London. Yes, the workers stayed in character! But I sure appreciated how kind they were when this Muggle inquired about it.

06_2016-03-19 12.08.04_lr07_2016-03-19 12.07.55_lr08_2016-03-19 11.07.52crop_lr09_2016-03-19 11.08.05_lr10_2016-03-19 12.05.39crop_lr

Wizards- and Witches-in-training were found roaming the cobblestones of Hogsmeade. They seemed to be enchanting items that previously sat on display inside storefront windows.

11_2016-03-19 11.46.41_lr.jpg

We learn that we, too, can procure a special piece of equipment, but first, we need to allow it to find us.

Note to wand fans: There is a three-tiered pricing system for such wands. The first one is a toy wand; this plastic, battery-operated Harry Potter wand will run you $22.99. There is also the simple, stylized wands (expanded selection of wands that represents all the major characters) sold for $39.99. Visitors more often than not decide on the pricier $47.95 “interactive” version of the $39.99 wand so that they can become Wizards- and/or Witches-in-training; these wands activate sensors at 11 spots (a map is provided) throughout Hogsmeade so that you can engage in some magic.

$87.09 later, we walked out with two beloved wands that have become bedtime loveys for my kiddies.

12_2016-03-19 11.30.34_lr13_2016-03-19 11.31.50_lr14_2016-03-19 11.32.49_lr15_2016-03-19 11.35.45_lr16_2016-03-19 11.36.58_lr

Butterbeer? Why, yes. Yes, I will have some. YUMMY! What does it taste like? Butterbeer = melted butterscotch candy/rootbeer/vanilla ice cream. A quick online search for the recipe confirmed that my tastebuds had another skill in deducing product ingredients in food. Is that possible?

17_2016-03-19 11.09.41_lr18_2016-03-19 17.15.08_lr

Check out the other stores in the village, both retro-touristy and magical:

19_2016-03-19 12.07.25_lr20_2016-03-19 12.09.26_lr21_2016-03-19 12.09.47_lr22_2016-03-19 12.07.28_lr23_2016-03-19 12.11.23_lr24_2016-03-19 12.11.34_lr25_2016-03-19 12.11.48_lr26_2016-03-19 12.02.36_lr27_2016-03-19 12.01.29_lr28_2016-03-19 17.17.20-1_lr29_2016-03-19 17.18.31_lr

Next, we venture off to the East of Hogsmeade, towards Hogwarts.

30_2016-03-19 11.55.59_lr31_2016-03-19 11.55.49_lr32_2016-03-19 11.53.16_lr

Remember these character performances from the movie franchise?

33_2016-03-19 16.32.41_lr34_2016-03-19 16.34.19_lr

Finally, behold!

35_2016-03-19 16.34.34_lr36_2016-03-19 16.38.09_lr37_2016-03-19 16.37.21_lr38_2016-03-19 16.43.29_lr39_2016-03-19 16.44.42_lr40_2016-03-19 16.46.26_lr41_2016-03-19 16.57.48_lr42_2016-03-19 16.57.15_lr

Of course, one exits this ride through the gift shop…

43_2016-03-19 17.02.08_lr44_2016-03-19 17.02.19_lr

…and an outdoor merchant cart selling wands, in case you didn’t buy yours the first time around.

45_2016-03-19 17.03.53_lr.jpg

My family and I really enjoyed visiting The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. This local attraction is a must-see and I can’t wait to come back soon! But first, we must hit the J.K. Rowling book series to revisit the original fantasy world of Harry Potter.

46_2016-03-19 17.57.07_lr.jpg


The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™ at Universal Studios Hollywood
100 Universal City Plaza
Universal City, CA 91608

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