Brewery Art Walk

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The Brewery Arts Colony is a 16 acre industrial campus that showcases the creative works of a diverse range of beginning to veteran fine artists, including photographers, mixed media artists, jewelry designers, sculpturists, ceramic artists, video/multimedia artists and musicians. This creative community opens its collective live/work loft space to the public twice a year, in the Spring and Fall seasons, to provide an opportunity to share its latest works of art to outsiders. Admission to the Brewery Art Walk is free and open to the public.

I was able to check out the Brewery’s Spring Art Walk again this year and was amazed at how popular this biannual event has become. For example, the once ample parking spaces across the way at the neighboring UPS Distribution Center was filled to capacity. Across the way, local businesses were asking for $10 in exchange for patrons parking at their lots. Parking for this brown-eyed girl luckily appeared by way of driving a couple of blocks northeast, by the close-to-being-finished repurposed industrial art spaces off Mozart and South Avenue 17. Free street parking? Score!

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The first artist space worth mentioning is that of The Artery, where a group of photographers shared their respective studio space to the public. It was great that they paid homage to the Art Colony’s former glory (the once operating Pabst Blue Ribbon Brewery [1897-1979] by offering refreshments to the legal-aged patrons).

The Artery’s work space was expansive and included the behind-the-scenes props that artists often use during photo shoots — backdrops, infinity coves, studio lighting set-ups, etc. What was really impressive were the works of the featured artists. The photography at The Artery, for example, was so popular that I was able to only briefly admire the art gallery before being asked to move by other patrons.

Good news: an online portfolio of the photographer collective exists!

2016-04-03 12.46.04_lr2016-04-03 12.45.40_lr2016-04-03 12.45.27_lr

There were other loft studios that I visited, but the one that really stood out for me is the live/work space of Sean Sobczek. Readers can check out his work by visiting the Artist’s Brewery loft studio, Sandman Creations/Collective.70, or to check out his online portfolio.

These photos do no justice to this Artist’s illuminated sculptures. They were simply breathtaking.

2016-04-03 12.51.27_lr2016-04-03 12.53.27crop_lr

The Brewery campus has a catwalk that adjoins two sets of creative spaces together. Here is a view from above.

2016-04-03 13.12.09_lr2016-04-03 13.12.36_lr2016-04-03 13.13.13_lr

I was particularly drawn to Chenhung Chen’s works of art, collectively entitled Entelechy. If you would like to learn more about her, here is a good read about Chen’s recent work. Side Note: Chen actually has an upcoming gallery opening reception on April 9, from 6:00-9:00 p.m., at the Los Angeles Art Association’s Gallery825; her works will be on display until May 6. More information about Entelechy can be found here.

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The virtual reality studio space of Virsix was a fun and unexpected treat. Visitors were given access to two-designated experiential rooms — one could experience a food battle by way of a lightsaber-esq weapon and goggles in one room, and in the other room, a zombie and/or werewolf slaying game by way of two rubber balls. Fun, indeed!

2016-04-03 13.52.47_lr2016-04-03 13.49.46_lr

There are over 500 artists residing and/or working at the 22-building complex that is the Brewery. I unfortunately was unable to visit them all in one day. Perhaps I will plan for a two-day visit when the Brewery artists will once again open their loft spaces in the Fall.

In the meantime, here are some photos of various artwork that I enjoyed during the latter portion of my visit. Enjoy!

A collection of urban artwork, courtesy of CNBC HQ.

2016-04-03 13.58.34_lr

Here is an example of one of the breathtaking surrealist acrylic media by the late Robert Peluce (1937-2004):

2016-04-03 14.05.33crop_lr

Here is an example of Xanadu Fashion’s Steampunk-inspired clothing line, created totally out of repurposed neckties:

2016-04-03 14.23.11_lr

Brewery Park is a permanent open-to-the-public gathering space where visitors can enjoy the fresh air while dining outdoors (one can procure food from the nearby Barbara’s Brewery). This is where I noticed that even the gates that surround this green space are works of art. Wonderful!

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Brewery Artwalk BiAnnual Open Studios
2100 North Main Street, #A10
Los Angeles, CA 90031

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