House of Pies


House of Pies is where one can procure the best pies in Los Angeles. House of Pies is located on the corner of Franklin and Vermont in Los Feliz. You will know it when you see it as it has an eye-catching retro coffee shop feel in its restaurant signage, building’s architecture and its lack of ample parking spaces for the modern-day Los Angelean. No worries… there is street parking around the neighborhood.

2016-07-17 13.43.33_lr

For many locals such as myself, House of Pies is where you go when you find yourself in the neighborhood. I have been going here intermittently for years. As a young child, my family and I would often stop by after Sunday service at the nearby church to carry out a whole berry or pecan pie. Later, this establishment would serve as a meeting place for friends and me; we would enjoy a slice of pie while we waited for other friends to trickle in, and then we would later head out to Hollywood, bellies full of pie, to dance and or go barhopping. A special memory of mine is that one time when my now husband and I decided to enjoy slices of pie from here before we continued our evening excursions at a concert at the nearby Greek Theatre.

Today, hubby and I decided to treat our kids to the experience that only House of Pies can provide.

2016-07-17 14.21.19_lr2016-07-17 14.21.32_lr

While dining here, we found out that this location has been here since 1969. Later, I learned that this location is the one last remaining House of Pies launched by the creator of International House of Pies (IHOP). This coffee shop/restaurant, while similar to IHOP in that it serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, is very different in that also serves phenomenal pies. There are many to choose from, so the when the waitress came to take our order, it was difficult to commit. The anticipation of having one of its mouthwatering pies hastened our order.

They were delicious! This is what’s great about House of Pies… the pies, whichever pie you choose for the day, will always be delicious.

2016-07-17 13.54.02_lr2016-07-17 13.54.11_lr2016-07-17 13.54.26_lr

Food coma? I had no time to take a photo of my daughter’s slice of Strawberry Cream Pie because she was “hangry.”

2016-07-17 14.04.28_lr

As we left House of Pies, we noticed the rare treat of Vermont Avenue being repaved. It was eerily calm and beautiful here this early Sunday evening, which was just as well since we enjoyed a fun-filled day in Los Feliz.


“We should do more of these Sunday ‘linners,'” I whispered to my husband while the kids napped during our commute back to the Westside.

“Soon,” he responds.


House of Pies
1869 North Vermont Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90027

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