Truetone Music

I bought my son a child’s guitar back when he was about two years old. It is only now that he has expressed true interest in playing the guitar, thanks to recent YouTube/Vine internet sensation -turned – Mainstream Pop Star, Shawn Mendes. However, after years of misuse, the learning guitar’s strings were in dire need to be re-tuned and/or re-strung.

Enter Truetone Music, one of Los Angeles’ best guitar stores and local, friendly, non-judgmental storefronts who kindly agreed to restring Big Boy’s baby guitar for a small fee.


While the baby guitar was getting its long overdue TLC, the family and I decided to check out Truetone’s merchandise in preparation for what I know will eventually come: an instrument upgrade. Divided into two showrooms, Truetone’s merchandise leans towards the classic electric guitars and whatever accessory comes with them (amps, pedals, etc.). Big Boy immediately noticed Truetone’s “Club Fender” room and its spinning, glass display case of a very expensive Fender (I’m not sure, but Big Boy insisted that the price tag for that particular Fender was somewhere in the $15,000 range).

My husband, daughter and I equally admired the acoustic guitar displays that adorned the walls. I am not well versed in the many different types of guitars or their brands, but one thing is for sure… they are all works of art. The obvious craftsmanship that went into making each instrument on display certainly was a treat to see.


Our baby guitar was ready for us to take home within 10 minutes of our visit to Truetone Music. After buying 2 guitar pics for $1, the store owners subsequently decided to throw in 4 extra ones so that the kids wouldn’t have to fight over them. What a nice gesture! We will certainly return sometime in the near future. The holidays are approaching and Big Boy has already expressed interest in upgrading into a bigger acoustic guitar.

Learn the simple chords, first, Little One, and when the time comes, we’ll be back.

That’s a promise.



Truetone Music
714 Santa Monica Boulevard
Santa Monica, CA 90401

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