Fall Festival at Underwood Family Farms


If you haven’t noticed by now, I love the fall season in California. Fall is when I begin to look forward to learn something new. Fall is also the season when my husband and I got married, so over the years, we have celebrated our wedding anniversary learning something new together within the confines of the fall season. One year, I wanted to experience apple picking; another year, I wanted to learn about wine making and harvest. Together, we have taken annual fall adventures to wine country and apple orchards in order to partake in these fun opportunities to learn about new things.

Fall is also the season where pumpkins are in abundance. Now that we have children, my husband and I have taken many different trips to pumpkin patches — from make-shift temporary lots in the City to authentic agricultural pumpkin patches in farmland — to experience the fall season as a family.

This year, we visited Underwood Family Farms during its Fall Festival (held annually every October) and had a fantastic time. As an aside, we frequent Underwood during strawberry season, too; read about our strawberry adventures here. Underwood never disappoints as it always provides different, yet equally adventurous, opportunities of exploration and fun for folks of all ages.


The Corn Maze, though, may make some kiddies nervous (as it did for my second child who never wants to set foot in one again).


Thank goodness for the ample opportunities to enjoy Underwood’s Farm Animal Center, Wooden Train Play Structure, Cow Train, Pony Rides, etc. — endless farm entertainment to be had.


Sigh, cherish these moments — this is the last year my second child can ride as she is one inch shy of being too tall for these ponies.


The pull wagons, however, can still fit both kids. Note to Self: work out my arms more – pulling these wagons take a lot of brawn! 🙂



Underwood Family Farms
3370 Sunset Valley Road
Moorpark, CA 93021

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