Crate and Barrel


You’re probably wondering why I’m writing a blog post on a store that has retail locations all across the U.S. and has an even bigger online presence for everyone else in the world to peruse. It is definitely not because I work here or am getting free goods from Crate and Barrel, that’s for sure!

One of the reasons I stepped into the store is because I happened to be in Beverly Hills to check out the CBS Daytime Celebrates 30 Years at #1 exhibition at the Paley (located across the street from the Crate and Barrel location in Beverly Hills) and I needed to pick up a wedding anniversary present for my husband. Years ago, Crate and Barrel was where we decided to have our bridal gift registry, so this store also holds a special meaning to us. Even though we have amassed 15 years worth of household items as a married couple (some of which we have recently parted with during my decluttering Labor Day weekend), one of us always makes a point to get something from Crate and Barrel every year on our anniversary to commemorate our special day.

This year, I wanted to update our collection of martini glasses to stemless versions, so my intended goal was to walk in and out of the store to purchase these Dizzy Doubles. It was the understated, unexpected displays of the vinyl records all over the bottom floor of this Crate and Barrel that made me slow down.


It is awesome that the popularity of vinyl records and turntables are rising so that LPs are becoming mainstream again. One would not have to go to Hollywood’s Amoeba Records or to DTLA’s Last Bookstore of LA, for example, to purchase records.

What else does Crate and Barrel have for sale that I don’t already have? I just had to check out what else the store had to offer.

The upper floor of this Crate and Barrel location had an equally impressive furniture showroom. I have been eying Mid-Century-inspired coffee tables lately in the hopes that something would dissuade my real desire to purchase this table. Crate and Barrel did not disappoint! I haven’t committed yet, but here are the coffee table contenders:


Something to think about in advance of what I want to ask hubby for Christmas, I guess.

Speaking of Christmas, the Holiday Decorations are on sale here and it is only October!



Crate and Barrel
438 North Beverly Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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