Gestation III and the Winter Solstice


Bailey Oakes created Gestation III, a permanent outdoor wooden sculpture which resides in Santa Monica’s Palisades Park. The sculpture itself is a stylized, onion-shaped object that changes in appearance as visitors move around it.

Here is how Mr. Oakes described Gestation III to

“During the gestation period of my wife’s and my first child, I designed a sculpture for the city of Santa Monica for Palisades Park. A park that defines the border of the city, continent, and ocean. I wanted to create a sculpture that would address the dynamics of this meeting place, and at the same time, invite the public into an intimate dialogue with the work. I wanted the sculpture to be one you could enter, sit and play within, a nurturing sanctuary. I also wanted it to serve as a beacon to foster an understanding of the basis of all life on the planet: the cycle of the Sun.”


Gestation III is a popular spot for friends and families to visit, touch and sit in. It becomes even more popular during the Winter Solstice, when Santa Monica locals flock to Palisades Park to watch the setting Sun shine through the aperture of Gestation III. The Sun sets exactly in the middle of this opening during the Winter Solstice, marking the the rebirth of the life of the Sun and the coming birth of Spring.

03_2013-12-21 16.47.17

I was able to capture a few images of the Winter Solstice Sunset through Gestation III, along with the beautiful pinkish-red-orange evening sky that followed. Photos do no justice, though, so I encourage readers to come see this breathtaking view for yourself this time next year.




Palisades Park
Ocean Avenue at Palisades Avenue
Santa Monica, CA

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