Randy’s Donuts

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My former college roommate used to bring back delicious goodies from Randy’s Donuts to our dorm room after spending the weekends with her parents who lived in nearby Inglewood. Since then, I would see the momentous giant donut atop this 1953 establishment as I rush to-and-from client meetings or when I would be returning to Santa Monica from a day trip to Orange County, the South Bay or San Diego. During these times, I would often fantasize about one day stopping by this local landmark to once again take a bite of the deliciousness that awaits me. I somehow talk myself out of it because I am either in a rush to make a quick stop or it is too late for me to go for a bite of these fluffy treats.

Fast forward to years later, when a curious preschooler inquires about why we haven’t yet visited that giant donut building by the freeway. Who am I to deny such an experience for my kiddies?

Hubby, a fellow donut lover, was all for it, so off we went to Inglewood on New Years Eve.

A long line of cars riddled Florence and La Cienega, two nearby streets that adjoin the public to this local drive-in. We finally make our way to the parking lot and get a quick family photo with the famous giant donut before making our way to the order window, where at least 20 customers were waiting patiently for their turn to buy donuts.

It was deliciously satisfying to share my nostalgic love of Randy’s Donuts with my family. The anticipation of waiting for getting that white bag full of giant donuts to share with my family brought back memories of me awaiting my college roommate’s timely return those Sunday evenings of long ago with the same bagful of sugary goodness.

Our turn finally arrived. No time for pictures because it is time to eat.

Gobble… gobble… gone.

Savor the flavor? No way! There are people waiting for our parking spot! Plus, this place is open 24 hours every day. Dare I say it, “See you soon, Randy’s Donuts.”


Randy’s Donuts
805 W Manchester Boulevard
Inglewood, CA 90301

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