Tumbleweed Camp

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Tumbleweed Day Camp is summer camp located in Brentwood’s Kenter Canyon in Los Angeles County. It has been around since 1954 and it is popular among the local Westside families for sending their children to summer camp or for hosting birthday parties.  The camp was so quaint and rustic as we were surrounded by rolling hills and majestic trees; the overall beauty of the Canyon made for a perfect venue for our city kids to unplug from daily life and be out to enjoy nature.

We were able to visit Tumbleweed twice for two birthday parties and I must say that both children and adults had a fantastic time participating in all the fun “camp” activities. These counselor-led activities helped us learn about, explore, and participate in the widest variety of things, such as archery, gaga, team sports, horseback riding, and tie dying, just to name a few.

Kids definitely learn by doing, and because of visiting this camp, my kids in particular were able to broaden their horizons by appreciating nature, thus cultivating a desire to try something new, or things that have nothing to do with the usual books, homework, computers, television or the video games that normally take up their free time.

Did I mention that the parents also love this place? One word: Archery.

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Tumbleweed Day Camp
1024 Hanley Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90049

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