Louis Vuitton Series II in Hollywood/LA

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I accidentally learned of this free fashion exhibit when I was standing in line for a donut. There was an issue of the daily LA Times sitting on the storefront of a nearby business that morning; it was encased in a black plastic package with a bold red graphic that read, “SERIES II.”

Experiential design — the practice using of typography, color, imagery, form, technology, content to convey a marketing message through one’s environment — is big right now and I found myself immersed in this style of communication when I talked myself into checking out what Series II was all about.

Series 2—Past, Present and Future is a free fashion exhibit for Louis Vuitton’s 2015 Spring Collection. It is housed in a former nondescript building on Highland Avenue, just north of Santa Monica Boulevard, and will have a short run from February 6–22, 2015. The brand installation presents the visitor with Louis Vuitton’s vision for the future, as well as its homage to its impact in fashion from the brand’s inception in 1854.

02_2015-02-17 12.32.46_lr

03_2015-02-17 12.34.54_lr

What did I see? I walked into mirrors and projector rooms showcasing the current theme of the product line. I saw life-size decals of models/A-listers wearing the brand, either in static print or in audio-visual presentations of still images.

04_2015-02-17 12.50.26_crop_lr

The visitor comes face to face with the actual LV products as they are presented in a gallery of what seemed like walls coming into human form when “touched” by an LV shoe or bag.

05_2015-02-17 12.43.05_lr

I could not help but become excited that the brand’s future will have something different from its classic monogrammed or damier canvas exterior.

06_2015-02-17 13.01.26_lr

I, for one, finally saw something I coveted.

07_2015-02-17 12.52.41_lr

Where am I possibly going to with this dress on? Let me begin my fantasizing now.


Louis Vuitton Series II Exhibition in Los Angeles
1135 North Highland Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90038

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