Balboa Park

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Balboa Park is a must see if you are in San Diego. This attraction is an urban cultural park and home to 15 major museums, performing arts spaces, beautiful gardens and the San Diego Zoo. There are many museum exhibitions, plays, musicals, concerts, and classes to participate in, but we were there for the afternoon, so we frequented as many gardens and artisan craft galleries as we could.

First stop, the House of Pacific Relations International Cottages. Every Sunday from the spring to fall seasons, volunteers gather to bring the 33 cottages, representing various countries of the world, to life. How? Through food, music and performances, of course. This allowed us to have fun discussing the different cultural backgrounds of our blended family with the kiddies.

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Soon after, we ventured into the main gardens of Balboa Park and were in awe of the beautiful Spanish colonial architecture and landscape.

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There’s also this Japanese Friendship Garden to admire.

17_2015-10-18 13.00.39_lr18_2015-10-18 13.03.49_lr

Check out the cultural heritage the Park had to offer.

19_2015-10-18 13.05.14_lr20_2015-10-18 13.10.20_lr21_2015-10-18 13.26.17_lr22_2015-10-18 13.33.27_lr

Here’s a glimpse of the grounds surrounding the Botanical Building.

23_2015-10-18 13.55.53_lr24_2015-10-18 13.56.28_lr25_2015-10-18 13.59.08_lr26_2015-10-18 14.01.24_lr27_2015-10-18 14.04.25-2_crop_lr

We stumbled upon an outdoor restaurant that was designed for parents to enjoy a light snack while supervising children from afar as they run amok in the nearby modern sculpture gardens. This venue was perfect for us in that we were given the brief chance to share a romantic moment while celebrating our 14 year wedding anniversary.

28_2015-10-18 14.10.40_lr30_2015-10-18 14.26.24_lr32_2015-10-18 14.45.38_lr29_2015-10-18 14.20.52_lr

Balboa Park has it all and we were able to have a romantic date and cultural family day, all in the span of 5 hours. Good times.


Balboa Park Visitors Center
1549 El Prado
San Diego, California, 92101
(619) 239-0512

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  1. Will definitely have to check out on our trip to San Diego! Love the restaurant where the grown ups can relax and the kids can run around and play.


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