Bronson Caves

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Bronson Canyon is an un-staffed portion of Los Angeles’ Griffith Park where fun activities are to be had. Locals frequent the park’s picnic tables for an intimate outdoor lunch for two or a larger celebratory gathering. Outdoor enthusiasts use the decent-sized green space for a game of frisbee or a small game of ball. There are two updated jungle gym playgrounds where children can have a go at having fun. A rustic hiking trail where people can explore the beautiful canyon surroundings exists here. Locals can easily take visiting friends or relatives to Bronson Canyon to enjoy ample views of the Hollywood Sign (or feed the indulgences of outsiders for “that” scenic Hollywood Sign photo).

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Bronson Canyon is also known as Bronson Caves for its tunnel/cave section, which was often used as a filming location for westerns and science fiction television and motion pictures. A complete list of motion pictures and television shows filmed can be found here.

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Families of small children, or big superhero fans like me, also refer to the Bronson Caves as the Batcave because of Bronson Caves’ most well-known appearance of its tunnel entrance in the Batman television series of the 1960s (yes, the Adam West Batman). The cave entrance was filmed at an angle because the cave is actually a very short tunnel through a hill.

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A fun afternoon can be had for families who want to combine fantasy play with a healthy hike while spending quality time with the kiddies. This place isn’t just for families, though. We’ve seen friendly, childless passerbys who proceeded up the trails to get a better vantage point of the surroundings, as well as a group of what seemed like filmmakers preparing to shoot a low-budget movie scene. Everyone was cooperative in being friendly yet respectful in staying out of each other’s way. Coexisting with others for the sake of enjoying Bronson Canyon can and did happen during our visit there.

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As we made our way down the trail to return to our car (free parking in the park, by the way),  we noticed tower-like structures of a nearby home, obstructed by surrounding trees, just southwest of the Canyon’s border. Our imaginations began to run rampant. Could this in fact be the home of mild-mannered millionaire, Bruce Wayne? Hmm…

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Bronson Canyon
3200 Canyon Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90068

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