Intrude Los Angeles: 2016, Part II

I used to perform legal administrative and/or paralegal freelance work in Downtown Los Angeles years ago. Because of my rushing to-and-from the various odd jobs I held back in the day, I now know when, where and how to get in and out of Downtown in the quickest way possible. Unfortunately, I never really appreciated my work surroundings because I was too focused on either arriving at my next work assignment on time or getting myself out of the City to enjoy my personal life when the work day was over.

My days of rushing to and from Downtown are over. That is, of course, until I realize that the last day of Intrude’s public viewing in DTLA is tomorrow. I was only able to view one-third of the Intrude installation (located at the FIGat7th venue) on its opening day (read more about that experience here), so I returned to DTLA today to check out the other two-thirds of the temporary installation.

Viewing the giant bunnies at the Bank of America Financial Center was a special treat for me because I was also able to view the permanent public installation of Andrew Calder’s Four Arches more closely, along with its temporary companions of Intrude.

01_2016-06-10 18.44.45_lr02_2016-06-10 18.46.20_lr03_2016-06-10 18.48.30_lr05_2016-06-10 190914_IG_lr06_2016-06-10 191613_IG_lr07_2016-06-10 19.00.12_lr08_2016-06-10 19.47.58_lr09_2016-06-10 19.48.45_lr10_2016-06-10 19.58.15_lr11_2016-06-10 192415_IG_lr

I was originally scheduled to meet friends at the FIGat7th location later this evening because there was a “Silent at the Disco” event scheduled. However, I could not justify leaving this peaceful venue. My views of the skyscrapers against the clear blue sky, along with the ever changing vantage points of the temporary bunnies, were simply breathtaking.

It was then that I decided to slow down and take in the view. That decision allowed me to enjoy my surroundings and to share the experience of the changing sunlight with friends and family. I had hoped that I could capture these moments on camera, but simply put, these pictures do no justice. You just had to be there.

12_2016-06-10 194057_IG_lr05_2016-06-10 19.05.52_lr13_2016-06-10 200227_IG_lr

The third Intrude installation in Los Angeles was conveniently located across the street at the Wells Fargo Center. This guy was the tallest giant bunny of the lot.

14_2016-06-10 20.19.00_lr15_2016-06-10 20.19.18_lr16_2016-06-10 20.20.01_lr17_2016-06-10 20.20.24_lr18_2016-06-10 20.24.26_lr

People were having fun posing with the bunnies. Here, you can view a gentleman performing a handstand.

19_2016-06-10 20.27.37_lr

9:00 p.m. was fast approaching, so more people began to appear to enjoy the tall bunny.

20_2016-06-10 20.28.50_lr21_2016-06-10 20.34.43_lr22_2016-06-10 20.36.09_lr23_2016-06-10 20.45.44_lr

But wait, there are other three bunnies across the street at the Bank of America Financial Center that needed to be seen in the evening. Time to rush back across the street!

24_2016-06-10 20.47.23_lr25_2016-06-10 20.48.07_lr26_2016-06-10 20.48.46_lr27_2016-06-10 20.49.03_lr28_2016-06-10 20.50.04_lr

People were having fun at this location, too. Some folks began dancing…

29_2016-06-10 20.50.47_lr

…while others shared a romantic kiss.

30_2016-06-10 20.51.54_lr

Friends shared a moment of goofiness…

31_2016-06-10 20.53.27_lr

…while other folks decided to join in on the illumination by engaging in performance art.

32_2016-06-10 20.54.42_lr

Alas, while the night air and cool breeze cleared the skies for the moon to partake in the evening show, 9:00 arrived.

33_2016-06-10 21.00.15_lr34_2016-06-10 21.05.42_lr

Good night, Intrude, and thank you for coming to Los Angeles.

35_2016-06-10 21.11.17_lr36_2016-06-10 215125_IG_lr


735 S. Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, CA 90017

Bank of America Plaza
333 S. Hope Street
Los Angeles, CA 90071

Wells Fargo Center
330 S. Hope Street
Los Angeles, CA 90071

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