Hollyhock House


Since my family and I found ourselves spending the day at Barnsdall Art Park, why not squeeze in a tour of Hollyhock House? We visited Barnsdall Art Park back in 2014 with every intention of viewing the Hollyhock House, but we were disappointed that the renovations were not yet completed.

Today, many reasons once again discouraged us from taking the tour of the Hollyhock House. The first challenge was that there was an evening event scheduled later for the Aaron Axelrod “Dark Matters” event (check out my post about the daytime event here and a portion of the evening event here). The second challenge was that this event caused a sudden shortage of scheduled entry times to the Hollyhock House after our family lunch picnic and our earlier family morning art session at Barnsdall.

I was once again forced to admire Architectural Digest’s photo coverage of the finished Hollyhock House here and Houzz.com’s fantastic video coverage here. Not to be discouraged, I toured the exterior of the Hollyhock House despite the barbed wire fence protecting the property from rift-raff admirers such as myself. For my physical limitations, I think I did an okay job. But now I am scheming my way to make it to one of those public tours.

Here’s more detailed information about the “Walk Wright In” Self-Guided Tours:
Visiting Hours: Thursday through Sunday (11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.)
Note: Last Ticket Sold at 3:30PM.
Admission: $7 for adults; $3 for students & seniors with ID; Free for children under 12 when accompanied by a paying adult. Tickets are sold onsite, by credit card only.

Yikes! “Photography is not permitted.” Despite the venue’s policy, you’ll eventually find me there admiring the property within the next two months. Want to meet up?

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Updated 07/31/16: We toured the Hollyhock House! No pictures allowed inside the home, however, so the following are more exterior photos of the Hollyhock House, artifacts housed in the former garage, now the Ticket Center for the Hollyhock House, and the neighboring Residence A home (one of two former Hollyhock House Guest Homes), another Barnsdall Art Park restoration project. This is a “Must See For Yourself”-type of location as the home’s interior is so unique and eclectic. I’m so glad I finally checked out the Hollyhock House; it totally made my day.



Barnsdall Art Park
4800 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90027

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