The Box Project: Uncommon Threads at the Fowler Museum


Before Fowler Museum closed for the evening, I checked out The Box Project: Uncommon Threads, the temporary exhibition that featuresThe Cotsen Collection’s commissioned artwork by international artists. All the works explore the idea of what “fiber” is: metals, crystals, fabrics, organic plant materials, etc., and/or how the word “fiber” is conveyed in creating one’s artistic statement.

Below are some photos of the works featured by these 36 internationally acclaimed contemporary fine artists: Masae Bamba, James Bassler, Mary Bero, Zane Berzina, N. Dash, Virginia Davis, Carson Fox, Shigeki Fukumoto, John Garrett, Ana Lisa Hedstrom, Helena Hernmarck, Agneta Hobin, Pat Hodson, Kiyomi Iwata, Gere Kavanaugh, Ai Kijima, Hideaki Kizaki, Lewis Knauss, Nancy Koenigsberg, Gerhardt Knodel, Naomi Kobayashi, Gyöngy Laky, Paola Moreno, Jun Mitsuhashi, Kyoko Nitta, Hisako Sekijima, Barbara Murak, Cynthia Schira, Heidrun Schimmel, Carol Shinn, Sherri Smith, Hadi Tabatabai, Koji Takaki, Aune Taamal, Richard Tuttle, and Peter Weber.


Check out the exhibit if you’re in town. The artist’s varying rendition of what “fiber” will help you see materials differently after your visit.


The Box Project: Uncommon Threads
September 11, 2016 – January 15, 2017
Fowler Museum at UCLA
308 Charles E. Young Drive North
Los Angeles, CA 90024

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