Spiders, Mummies and Dinosaurs at the NHM

01_2015-10-04 15.12.19_lr

The local Natural History Museum houses an open-air Spider Pavilion under an enclosed tent on the Museum’s South Lawn every fall for six weeks, so we decided to visit the NHM on this beautiful day in October.

The Spider Pavilion is where patrons can check out the creatures’ intricate web architecture and engineering. It is where patrons can get more details about these beautiful creatures.

02_2015-10-04 14.40.42_lr03_2015-10-04 14.41.53_lr04_2015-10-04 14.42.23_lr05_2015-10-04 14.48.14_lr

The Natural History Museum also houses the temporary exhibit, Mummies: New Secrets from the Tomb. To respect the sarcophaguses, visitors were allowed to only photograph the learning tools (either interactive or static), reconstructed faux model artifacts and empty coffins that sprinkled within the gallery space of this special Mummies exhibit.

06_2015-10-04 12.17.22_lr07_2015-10-04 12.20.32_lr08_2015-10-04 12.31.56_lr

We also visited the Dinosaur Encounter Stage Show, an audience interactive experience, followed by an informative Question and Answer session with the “archaeologist,” both of which our kiddies found to be quite enjoyable.

09_2015-10-04 13.40.30_lr10_2015-10-04 13.47.04_lr

We ended the visited with a quick walk-through of the outdoor garden space, where we were fortunate enough to spot an elusive dragonfly.

11_2015-10-04 15.50.50_lr12_2015-10-04 15.51.32_lr


Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
900 Exposition Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90007
(213) 763-DINO

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